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October 19, 2019, 07:00 PM

Awaken to Miracles, Energy Healing & Spiritual Direction

A talk by Terri Allen
Life Transformation Energy Intuitive, AngelsofLightOnline.com

Speaker expertise

Terri has trained in England in Transformational Energy Clearing, Spiritual Intervention and Past Life Karma, Crystal Healing, Atlantian Healing at the Diana Cooper School and has trained in Psychic Evolvement in Brazil over 10yrs.

Transformation in one’s life always starts with you. A Spiritual Intervention session can have a powerful life changing effect on a person, not just on an emotional level but also a physical level. Terri uses her psychic intuition along with her guides to work together through the different layers of the auric field to remove any old blockages, attachments or negative cords from a person. Cords and attachments are formed when there is a significant emotional, psychological, physical or mental connection with someone from the present or past. Negative Cords or attachments can leave a person feeling drained, unhealthy, tired, depressed or psychologically in pain.

A person can have a full awakening within themselves. Terri receives individualized spiritual messages from her guides on what needs to be cleared and how they can best move forward into a soulful life. Terri also works on levels of family karma and emotional trauma that may be holding a person back.

Spiritual Intervention Session consists of: Powerful Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Growth and a Deeper Self-Awareness and Insight into oneself.

Sessions can be conducted online or in person.

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