Barbara Arnold-Herzer

Don't just Manage Pain, Learn to Live Pain-Free the Simple Way

A Talk by Barbara Arnold-Herzer R.N., B.S.C.M.E., C.M.T (CEO, WholeFrog®)

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About this Talk

Learn to identify the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. Get out of pain and keep your joints healthy for life. Take 30 second action steps at any time or anywhere at any age to feel good now.

Learn how to properly partner with your health professionals and take control of your health by knowing and applying the 10 fundamentals for excellent health for life.

Feel good now! You will feel the difference right away. Why this is important for self-diagnosis.

October 19, 2019, 06:00 PM

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Barbara Arnold-Herzer

Barbara Arnold-Herzer R.N., B.S.C.M.E., C.M.T

CEO, WholeFrog®

Founder of WholeFrog® Wellness Clinics, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Barbara is a Master Health Practitioner who helps people simplify health and live pain-free and medication-free. She developed WholeFrog® FullRange Body Online Training which allows individuals of any age to self-treat and transform their health from the comfort of their own home, bed, mountain-top or office, 30 seconds at a time.