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* 2-Week #SugarFree Food List & Planner
* Angels Awakening & Healing Past Life Karma Meditations
* Bach Flower 38 Remedy Group List & Self Evaluation Form 
* The Metabolic Plan for Anti-Aging
WholeFrog® FullRange Fundamentals eBook, Pain-Free Quiz, My Daily-Hop Weekly Tracker and Free RN Consultation

WholeFrog Bonuses

Digital Bonus: WholeFrog® FullRange Fundamentals eBook - Learn how to be pain-free with these healthy and simple 30 second movements you can do now! Healing is possible and predictable!

Full Range Body Special Offer: Fix Yourself, Anywhere, Anytime at Any Age Guaranteed!

Everyday clients are choosing to have a FullRange™Body and Pain-Free™ Life. Get online access to a private website with Step-by-Step Online Videos, Handouts and Self-Treatment Instructions designed just for You! Your life matters. Don’t live in pain. Feel good now!

  • Fix pain 30 seconds at a time
  • Keep joint and muscles pain-free
  • Avoid surgeries
  • Increase energy and performance
  • Age strong
  • Simple, short videos.

Bach Flower 38 Remedy Group List and Self Evaluation

Digital Bonus: Bach Flower Remedy Group List and Self Evaluation. Back Flower Remedies are made out of diluted Wild Plant and Flower Extracts. These 3 Guides will teach you which combination of 38 Bach Flower Remedies are the best alternative treatments used for emotional problems and pain, enabling you to return to balance and fulfill your potential in a completely natural way.

2-Week #SugarFree Food List & Planner

Digital Bonus: Receive a 2-Week #SugarFree Food List & Planner to help you do a complete Sugar & Flour Reset in 2 weeks straight! Be a part of the Monthly 2-Week Sugar Challenges!

The Metabolic Plan for Anti-Aging

Digital Bonus: Metabolic Plan for Anti-Aging summary guide shows you how metabolism controls aging, life and death. Discover the fundamentals of how the body goes from an Anabolic (high-energy, rebuild and repair) to a Catabolic (low-energy and break down) stage and how restoring your Anabolic Power is like putting the brakes on the aging process. Learn to manage stress and reverse the aging process by becoming aware of important principles. Illness, Immunity and poor Metabolism don’t have to set in. There are powerful and effective steps you can take to build and maintain peak immunity. Exercise and Metabolism go hand in hand, and can be empowering or debilitating depending on the movements you make every day. Optimal Nutrition are the building blocks of the Metabolic Plan and what any anti-aging strategy depends on. Learning to recognize what your body needs and when it needs it, by identifying key nutrients your body needs can go a long way in enhancing your quality of life. New information has surfaced in recent years in achieving optimal health. The key is to simply be informed and aware of key strategies that help get you there, and begin. This plan will guide you there!

Angels Awakening Meditation & Past Life Karma Releasing Meditation

Digital Bonus: Angels Awakening Meditation: This beautiful meditation will guide you through Angelic Chakra Clearing and help you connect with your Angel Guides to communicate and receive healing from Archangel Michael, Raphael, Chamuel and Uriel.